Vortex viper hst 4-16×44 review

There are lots of riflescope brands in the market today but Vortex Optics ranks among the top. Considering the competition, it takes quite a lot to have as good a reputation as it has for a long time.

Like most of the other Vortex riflescopes, the vortex viper hs-t 4-16x44, though not really the cheapest, is worth every penny. Its lightweight nature coupled up with the amazing optics and the fact that even a first-time user will find it comfortable to use altogether make it the ultimate riflescope.
But here’s the thing…

Every detail (even the tiniest one) does count which is why we’ll be looking at the in-depth vortex viper hst 4-16x44 review. From the external features to how well the optics hold up, it’s time we find out what makes this worth your money.

Let’s cut to the chase and get to it then, shall we?

Most manufacturers pay attention to the optics and internals then tend to overlook the overall construction and build quality. With the vortex viper 4x16x44, you’re covered on both ends. So, let’s first see how good the construction really is.

Durable aluminum construction

No one wants their rifle scope falling apart from the recoil or giving in to rusting and corrosion. With the one-piece aluminum construction, you’ll be mounting a really strong scope to your rifle. Also, the fact that it is aluminum helps keep everything intact.

To stand up against accidental drops or any form of an impact as well as the recoil, it features a rugged exterior. For the tube, it features a 30mm configuration that can be mounted in a low configuration that adds on to the accuracy of every shot you take.

The overall length of the scope is only 13.7 inches and it weighs 20.8 ounces. Despite the amazing performance that it’s got, you’ll barely feel the added weight on your rifle.

Moisture proofing

Other than the rigid and compact design, it does hold up quite well in keeping out moisture. First off, the O-ring seal makes it eligible for use even on a rainy day since it prevents entry of water. As for the nitrogen purging, you can count on this on a foggy day whether you’re inside or outside your hunting blind.

At the end of the day, the combination these two working together gets you some really clear images each time you’re taking your aim.

Includes exposed style turrets

The scope features 3 adjustment turrets all of which have got exposed surfaces. This makes them eligible for precise and repeatable finger adjustable clicks.

There is also a CRS zero stop which is quite reliable as it allows you to return to zero after tailing temporary elevation corrections. You can, therefore, count on this bad boy to get you through any tactical or hunting situations.

The vortex viper hs-t 4-16x44 optics and internals

On this other half of our vortex viper hs 4 16x44 reviews, we'll be covering the optics. As good build quality as it has, you also need to know how it will be like every time you take a look through the eyepiece. That being said, let's start with the magnification

Features a 4x -16x zoom

It goes without saying that the best should definitely allow you to take those long distant shots. With as much as a 16x zoom, you’ll conveniently be able to do this. What’s makes it an even better scope as compared to the rest in its class is the second focal plane reticle.

With the VMR-1 MOA reticle, the reticles are located close to the eyepiece lens and behind the magnifying and image rectifying lenses. Their nature ensures that the reticle size is maintained even at a high-power zoom.

Fully multi-coated lenses

Included in the vortex viper 4x16x44 are the premium fully multi coated lenses. these also have an extra low dispersion which then results in high color fidelity. The XR coatings also provide a much better light gathering capability for bright and high contrast images.

Besides the XR coatings, there is the Armtek coating which functions to protect the lenses. Yet another appreciated feature on this rifle is the 44mm objective diameter. It gives you a wide field of view but also optimizes on the light intake which makes the vortex viper hs-t 4-16x44 suitable for use in low light situations.

Features a precision-force spring and glide erector system

This basically utilizes the use of premium components in the erector-spring system. At the end of the day, you’ll find it easy to make any adjustments while at the same time having the advantage of maximum repeat ability.

As for the precision glide erector system, the zoom lens mechanism is perfected so you get to have a smooth magnification even in the harshest conditions

Here’s more…

For better optics and convenience, there is a MAG-View Fiber Optic and the radius bar. For the former, you get a highly visible reference point for the magnification setting.

There is also the radius bar with the fiber optic indicator for the turret rotation. This allows for both visible and tactile point of reference with all rotations of the turret.


  • Includes the SFP reticle system
  • Has got a strong and rigid aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Features a low-glare matte finish
  • Includes an XR-coating for enhanced brightness
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged one-piece design
  • Features exposed-style turrets
  • Adjustable objectives and quick focus eye piece
  • Has got a shockproof design to withstand impact and recoil
  • 30mm size tube


  • The wind age turret spins the opposite direction of the marking


Q: does this come with a sunshade?

Q: does it include lens caps?

Q: is it MOA or MRAD version?

Final verdict

We’re done with our detailed vortex viper hs 4 16x44 reviews. Despite the little wind age turret unconventional design, it's otherwise an amazing rifle scope. With optics as great as the ones on this, top of the line build quality and easy adjustment settings, it sure is the best in its class.

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