Nikon buckmasters ii 3-9×40 BDC

Boasting to be among the top riflescopes that could make the perfect match to your rifles, the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 has proven to be quite an amazing scope for deer hunting. 

By giving you some of the brightest images from the multicoated lenses with enough power to take the long-distance shots with utmost accuracy it's clearly one of the best. At the same time, the build quality boasts to be one of the best in its class so you’ll definitely be getting a bargain for your money on this one.

Enough with the intros already; how about we take a look at what you should be looking forward to on this one on our Nikon buckmasters ii 3-9x40 BDC review. Here goes…

Even the tiniest details are of utmost importance when it comes to riflescopes and as important as the optics are, the same should hold for the design and construction of the externals.

That being said, let’s see how good this bad boy really is, shall we?

Has got a 1-inch tube construction

Starting off with the most important aspect as far as the externals are concerned, the tube, being 1-inch should make it easy to find compatible mounting rings for your rifle. Other than this, it should also have a low-profile mount which plays a huge role in allowing for utmost accuracy with every shot you take.

For the measurements of the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40, it has got an overall length of 12.3 inches and it weighs only 13.1 ounces. With these two, it’s altogether a light enough riflescope to have on your favorite rifle without compromising on accuracy due to too much weight.

It is also worth pointing out that the Nikon buckmasters has got a matte finish that is guaranteed to keep you camouflaged. By concealing your position, you’ll find it perfect for use for still hunting and in the blind as well

It’s both water and fog proof

The last thing you want is your view through the scope being obstructed due to moisture entry, right? Well, to ensure that you won’t have to worry about this, the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 features an O-ring seal which makes it eligible for use even in a heavy downpour.

So as to take care of fog, it boasts a nitrogen purging which expels any moisture that may have entered in the scope especially on a humid day

That’s not all…

Yet another feature you'll appreciate on the build quality is that it comes with a shockproof exterior. This, besides allowing it to be intact just in case of any accidental drop but it also allows it to take in the recoil of most rifles without giving in.

Speaking of recoil, let’s have a look at how good the recoil adjustments hold up on these.

Has got precise hand turn click adjustments

There are also the positive click adjustments one on the right-hand side and the other atop the Nikon buckmaster 3-9x40. Both of these feature adjustment graduation of ¼ inches @ 100 yards. By allowing you to zero in quicker on your target while, at the same time maintaining your setting even when the recoil is heavy, you can count on this scope to have one of the best consistencies you could get in its class

The optics how good are they?

Moving on to the second section of the Nikon buckmasters ii 3-9x40 BDC review, let’s see whether the optics measure up to the amazing exterior build quality. Here’s what you should look forward to.

Includes a spot-on ballistic match technology

A feature that you’ll appreciate on the Buckmasters ii which is also common to all Nikon riflescopes, this feature gives you a really amazing level of accuracy.

By allowing you to discover the exact aiming points on the reticle of your scope and at different yardage ranges depending on the ammo and load you have, you'll have a whole new level of pinpoint accuracy.

A fully multi-coated optical system

On every glass surface, there are multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds. This serves two different purposes. First, the light is optimized such that the scope will take in as much light as possible for the brightest images.

Secondly, considering it features an anti-reflective compound, you won’t have to worry about your shot being obstructed regardless of which angle the light hits the scope.

Has got a BDC reticle

You can count on this to hold even on the ranges that were previously thought impossible. What’s even more interesting about this reticle is that it’s got unique see-through ballistic circles that allows you to take the long-range shots. At the same time, there is a normal sight picture for the shorter-range shots in which case the crosshair serves as the aiming point.

Has got a 40mm objective diameter

For optimal light transmission at any time of the day for the perfect shots, the Nikon buckmasters ii 3-9x40 BDC riflescope features a large enough diameter to allow for this. The power is also adjustable since the magnification ranges from 3x to 9x.

For the field of view and eye relief, the latter is 11.3-33.8 ft. @ 100 yards whereas the former is 3.6 inches so your brow will always be safe even with the heaviest recoils


  • Nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed for moisture proofing
  • Features a generous 3.6-inch eye relief
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • See through ballistics for accuracy on long-range shots
  • 1-inc tube design with matte finish
  • 100 yd parallax setting
  • 40mm objective and 3-9x magnification


  • There are only 5 inches of the 1-inch tube for the mounting rings

Frequently asked questions

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Final verdict

There you have it- a detailed Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 review and there’s really no reason you shouldn’t have your rifle reach its full potential. The optics on it are amazing and the same holds for the build quality and ease of adjustments all of which guarantee accurate shots in any lighting and environmental conditions. Anyone who’s serious about getting the best out of every shot would definitely go for this bad boy.

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