LeupoldVx-2 3-9x40mm: An In-Depth Expert Review!

As we gain more experience in target shooting or hunting and the need to get the optimal performance from your 308 rifle arises, one of the best ways via which you can do this is upgrading the scope.

Like any other you could get for your rifle, shopping for the best scope demands just as much research but with the lots of options available in the market currently, this can be quite a problem. But do you really have to go through all this trouble, why not let us do all the hard work for you instead?

We've researched on some of the best riflescopes and tested out quite a number of these before arriving at the Leupoldvx-2 3-9x40mm and there’s a good reason for that.

Boasting to be one of the most trusted riflescope brands in the market worldwide, the Leupoldvx-2 is an all-around scope that has got every little detailed at it’s best ranging from the level of clarity to the exterior design.

So, how about we move forwards and take a look at the Leupoldvx2 3-9x40 review?

the rule of thumb as far as riflescopes are concerned is that if the build quality is good enough, so is the optical performance of the scope. So as to live up to this, here’s how the Leupoldvx-2 3-9x40mm holds up.

Features a 100% waterproof and fog proof design

Waterproof integrity is a must-have features on any riflescope considering the optics are quite delicate. For the Leupoldvx2 3-9x40mm, this is covered by an O-ring sealing which prevents water entry into the scope.

This way, you can comfortably count on the scope to get you through the winter and the summer without giving in to damage whatsoever and more so, with the fog proof feature, it can be used while you’re in your blind where it’s a little bit warm as compared to the cooler outside.

Ike each Leupoldscope it’s also got a proprietary argon/krypton gas blend on the inside which resists the effects of thermal shock

Features a 1-inch main tube

Whereas it may be a little difficult to fit most scopes on your 308 rifles, this one has got a 1-inch main tube design. this is quite compact, durable and lightweight. Most importantly, you can be able to fit most legacy rings on this scope for optimal performance.

It comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum construction

Besides having a compact design that is easily adjustable, the Leupoldvx-2 3-9x40mm also boasts one of the best exterior designs that is rugged and durable in nature.

Being an aircraft-grade aluminum, you’ll be having one of the strongest riflescopes mounted on your 308 rifle. This should get you some of the most accurate shots without giving in to rusting and corrosion. 

Considering aluminum is quite strong, it is guaranteed to take a beating without compromising the internal components and at the same time not add too much weight on your rifle.

Here’s more…

Still, on the measurements, it measures only 12.60 inches long and weighs only 318 grams/11.2 ounces despite the high-quality construction which makes it a good enough scope to pair up with your 308 rifle.

It’s got a custom dial system

To get the most out of your hunting, it is important that you be able to match your ballistics with utmost accuracy and to enable this, the Leupoldvx2 3-9x40 comes with the custom dial system.

The custom dial system is an elevation dial which allows you to set the elevation adjustment ranges differently so that you get to match your ballistics. This guarantees pin-point accuracy even while hunting from a high or low ground.

Still, on the adjustments, yet another feature included on the Leupoldvx2 3-9x40 is the ¼ MOA adjustment, just with the click of your finger, you can set both the windage and elevation adjustments as you prefer repeatedly and over a long period of time

Comes with diamond coated lenses

Before we head on and take a look at the optics, it’s worth pointing out that the lenses on the Leupoldvx2 3-9x40 have got a diamond coating on all the exterior surfaces. This way, you get to have utmost abrasion resistance.

This, at the end of the day, ensures the lenses deliver clear pictures and you won't have to worry about being too careful when going through bushes or even go through the trouble of getting lens covers

The optical features

It’s not really the best scope for your 308 rifles if the optics are not dependable, is it? in addition to having a really amazing exterior construction, the optics of the scope will give you some of the best shots. From bright images to utmost clarity and parallax adjustments, the Leupoldvx-2 has it all.

Here’s a deeper look into this…

Includes a 4.2-inch eye relief.

Being comfortable and safe as you hunt is just as important as you hit your target. To have the utmost confidence in this scope after mounting it on your preferred 308 rifles, there is a 4-inch eye relief which is quite forgiving.

With this, you won’t have to worry about being injured by the recoil with every shot you take

Features an index matched lens system

Probably one of the most amazing features on the Leupoldvx-2 as far as getting you high-quality images is the lens system which gets both the brightness and sharpness at a high level and across the whole field of view of the scope.

The coating also deems the riflescope eligible for use even in poor lighting which means you get uninterrupted hunting.

That’s not all…

With the objective lens being 40mm in size, it’s going to let in enough light for bright images. So as to reduce light diffusion when it gets too bright, the edges are blackened to ensure more visible light gets to your eye as you aim at your target- no better way to get both bright and high contrast images.

Has got a 3:1 zoom ratio erector system.

When it comes to the zoom, you’ll be getting between a 3x and 9x zoom. With the 3:1 ratio, the Leupoldvx2 3-9x40 is able to adapt to different distances while at the same time maintaining high-quality images.

With just a single turn of the power selector, you can be able to switch between the bigger picture or alternatively get the finer details from your images.


  • Has an O-ring sealing for water and fog resistance.
  • Features an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • DiamondCoat lens coatings on exterior surfaces for abrasion resistance
  • Index matched lens system for bright and sharp images
  • Features a 3:1 zoom ratio erector system
  • Includes windage and elevation adjustments with the ¼ precision finger click
  • CDS elevation for quick elevation adjustments
  • Has blackened lens edges that reduce light diffusion


  • You should be careful with the adjustment turrets as they aren’t so strong.


Q: does it come with a sunshade?

Q: is the scope a first or second plane?

Q: does the scope use 1-inch mounts?

Final verdict

Featuring a powerful zoom, the ability to get you through any weather condition, a high-quality build and some of the most amazing optics, the Leupold vx-2 is indeed worthy of any hunting situation. With the much detail paid attention to in the design and the optics while at the same time coming in a compact design with a 1-inch main tube weighing only 11.2 ounces, it’ll be worth every penny.

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