FSI sniper 6-24x50mm scope Review

Even with the strongest and most versatile rifle, you would still be at a huge disadvantage if you do not have a good enough riflescope to have your back on those long-range shots, right? At the end of the day, we all want an all-around scope to mount on our rifles but the thing is, these are not really easy to come across.

Considering there are lots of options to choose from which makes it difficult to settle on one that’s good enough, we’ve tested out some of the best and arrived at the fsi sniper 6-24x50mm scope.

Featuring an easy mounting system, friendly adjustment options and being one that you really won’t have to break the bank for, this FSI sniper scope is worth pairing up with your rifle. So, how about we cut to the chase and delve into the main agenda.

Here’s everything you need to know about this bad boy.

Unlike what most people think, a riflescope is not all about the optics. The details of the construction should be good enough since even with the best optics, a poor exterior would compromise the longevity and the overall performance of the rifle.

Here’s what you should look forward to on the fsi sniper 6-24x50mm scope regarding the build quality.

It features a 6061 T6 aircraft grade body

When it comes to hunting or target shooting, the last thing you want is getting a scope that will easily give in when either exposed to the elements or issubjected to some rough handling a few times.

Now, what if I told you that with the aluminum frame on this riflescope, you won’t have to worry about either of these. The aluminum frame stands out to be corrosion resistant while at the same time being rigid enough in nature to take in any accidental drops. You can, therefore, have this out on any day without risking either corrosion or rusting.

Yet another benefit you get from the aluminum is that it’s rugged enough to withstand recoil. This bad boy has actually been test fired on a .50 Cal 150rd.

Has got windage and elevation adjustments

On the days that the weather is not at all calm or when you are hunting on terrain that is not even, these turret adjustments ought to come on handy. Either of these also does have a locking adjustment plate that allows for utmost consistency

For the turrets, you’ll be getting ball bearings which allow for both precision and shock resistance when it comes to the recoils.

The windage and elevation adjustment click value for every 100 yards is ¼” which ought to be convenient enough

It features a 1” tube

When it comes to setting up the sniper 6-24x50mm tactical rifle scopeon your rifle, the 1” tube makes this easily achievable on most rifles. By the objective lens being able to touch the barrel of most rifles, it’s going to prove much easier to use. Since there are mounting rings included, you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting others.

In the unlikely event that it may not fit as expected, you may need to get a riser that will make it much easier to mount.

The scope’s dimensions

Other than having a user-friendly tube diameter, it’s only 16 inches long and featuring an aluminum construction which is one of the lightest you can get, it weighs only 26.2 ounces which should be light enough to have on your rifle.

The sniper 6-24x50mm tactical rifle scope Optics

Working hand in hand with the amazing build quality are good enough optics that should be counted on with every shot you make. Here’s a closer look.

It has got superior multi-coated optics

Featuring a 50mm objective lens, this riflescope should be able to let in just the right amount of light that would then result in bright images.

To make the visuals even much better, it has got superior multi-coated optics which improve the contrast and brightness of the image even further. 

As for the zoom, you can have a minimum of 6x and a maximum of 24x. This much flexibility makes it possible to achieve even the long-range shots. It’s also worth mentioning that for the parallax setting, it’s from 15 yards to infinity so you won’t compromise on accuracy.

Comes with an illuminated reticle

When it comes to the accuracy, you’ll be getting a mil-dot reticle that has got the red, green and blue illumination. This makes it eligible for use low light conditions. Coming along with the scope to power up the reticle system is a single CR2032 battery.

Features a forgiving 3.3” of eye relief

As already mentioned, the scope is eligible for use on a .50 caliber rifle. Considering the recoil on such a rifle could be lethal, the rifle has got enough eye relief which gives you utmost confidence in using it without risking to injure your eyebrows.

Utmost weatherproofing

Lastly, so as to ensure the durability of the optics is not compromised, it features a waterproof and fog proof design since it is both nitrogen-filled and sealed. Whether you’re going to use this inside you blind, out on a rainy day or when the sun is high up, the performance of the fsi sniper 6-24x50mm scope won’t be compromised


  • It includes an aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum construction
  • Comes with a Mil-dot illuminated reticle
  • Has got multi-coated optics
  • It is nitrogen-filled and sealed
  • Includes ball and bearing windage and elevation adjustments
  • Has a 15 yard to infinity parallax setting
  • The tube diameter is 1” in size


  • The mounting rings are small for some rifles


Q: does it have a zero-reset turret?

Q: is the picture clear at full magnification?

Q: do the adjustment turrets lock?

Final verdict

Regardless of the single flaw, there are innumerable reasons for you to have this on your rifle. From the design and build quality with unmatched durability to the accurate and functional optics, it proves to be worth every penny. Lastly,like any other rifle, this one too should be handled with utmost care to have it in the best shape for every hunt.

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