7 Thinks To Consider Before Buying A EAW Scope Mounts

Choosing a scope mount for your firearm or rifle is very important, making it crucial for you to find the right approach for it. There are lots of mounts in the market getting the one that s perfect for your rifle depends solely on the rifle itself and the mount you want. Before you even buy the scope mount for your rifle, you have to consider so many factors. All of these factors have a direct or indirect effect on your rifle use.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you want to adjust the wind age and elevation of your mount? Do you want a light rifle? Does the height of your scope mount comfortable?

When considering these few questions, you have the right idea of what you want the scope mount to be like and easier to choose.

Rails can be said to be a piece of equipment with different slots for you to attach your mounts. Both the rails and the base are platforms that are between your firearm and the scope mounting item/ equipment. They are the new standard for scope mounting that you attach on to the upper receiver of the firearm. When you have attached the rail on your firearm, you can easily attach the rings to it.

When you look at the rail and the base, you will note that the rails are more rugged than the bases. The ruggedness of the rails makes it possible for you to switch between optics more flexibly without any struggle. Though the rails can work with most rifles, they could hinder some bolt action rifle since it is one piece of equipment.


A major difference between the base and 6the rails s the fact that one is 1piece equipment and the other two piece equipment. Bases are two pieces of equipment that are attached to the upper receiver of the firearm and act as a platform for rings and mounts attachment. The bases are less rugged, unlike the rails, making it hard for you to switch the optics. Though they are not as flexible as the rails, they are cheaper and lightweight

Since the rails have a great disadvantage due to it being one piece of equipment, it becomes an advantage to the base. The two-piece equipment does not, in any way, affect or obstructs the bolt action of the firearms.

3.Scope Rings

The scope rings are attached on the rail or the base and then put on the rings or mounts. A scope ring is a scope mounting device that has been attached at the rings on the base or rails. The rings are on top of the scope to hold it in place and clamp below to work with the base and rails platform.

There are two types of rings here one is the horizontally split rings and the vertically split. Both of the rings split work differently, and the installment is also different. As from the reviews by many users, the horizontal splits rings are easier to handle and install and may be considered to be more reliable.

4. Mount

Mount is a name given to any platform that has a platform with mounting capability on it. A mount can have a device that has lots of slots for different mounting ability. There are several popular mounts out there that include Pica tinny, quick detach, and dovetail to weaver adopter, and many other mounts. All of these mounts are popular and work differently.

When you have 2 scope rings on your platform, it helps you to solve the issue of both of then aligned from the back and front since they are done from the factory. When the two scopes are in a single platform, they tend to make it heavier and expensive. Since the one-piece scope affect your bolt action, having a two-piece equipment is cheaper and suitable for most firearms

5. Ring size

Each of the firearms or rifles comes with different ring size capabilities. Not all rings fit all of the rifles, but they work with specific types of rifles that are compatible. Before you buy any ring, you have to check to ensure that the ring size is compatible with your rifle or firearm. Some of the common ring sizes are the 1 inch, 33 millimeters, 30 millimeters, and the 34 millimeters. The 33 millimeters and the 34 millimeters are less common

6. Scope height

The scope height of your position is an essential factor when deciding the type of scope mount you want for your rifle. It’s said that a low position scope is proper to avoid obstructing the other parts of your gun. Though many of the people think this is true, some think otherwise depending on their rifle and need. Before you decide on the height of the scope, the most important of all should be your comfort in the shooting position.

The scope heigh of your position is affected by the shooting distance. If you are a long-range shooter, you may need to get a low scope height to be more comfortable and precise. If you are not a long-range shooter, then you may have the normal height that would not make your neck and face to strain when shooting. Let it be a natural shooting that is more comfortable to you

7. A single piece or Double piece mount

Since there are two types of mounts, the one piece ad 2 pieces. Both of the pieces have a significant effect on your rifle. The one piece mount would obstruct your action, and most likely, you would prefer to use the two piece mount. An advantage with the one piece rail is that you don’t have to worry about aligning the front and back rings, and also, it can withstand more abuse.

Thought h advantage is good; it becomes heavier and expensive. The two piece rails are lighter and cheaper and also do not obstruct your rifle action. The disadvantage of the two pieces is that it is less rugged and hard to align


It’s not hard to get the right EAW scope mount for your rifle or firearm; all you have to do is have factors that must be considered. Each rifle needs depend on the shooting range and the type of rifle you are using.

If you are a long-range shooter, then you may go for a low scope height to help make a precise hit. But if you are someone that wants comfort above all things, then go for the normal scope height.

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