Athlon argos 6-24×50 Riflescope Review

Even the strongest rifle would not be any good without a scope. Pair it up with equally as good a scope however and you’ll have your rifle reach its full potential.

No more missed shots, no more complicated settings to have to put up with and definitely no more worrying about your riflescope giving in to damage after only a few shots. With this Athlon argos 6-24x50 review, we’ll get to find out why it’s probably the best riflescope for you.

Well, here’s everything you need to know about the Athlon Argos 6-24x50 from the optics to the build quality. Let’s get to it.

When it comes to a riflescope, it’s not always about what you are able to see through the eyepiece and objective lenses. The overall design and build quality play a huge part in not only improving your accuracy but also making a scope dependable over a long period of time.

Has got a one-piece tube construction

If you are really serious about your riflescopes, then you know the details do matter. Starting off our Athlon Argos 6-24x50 review is this one simple feature that blows most riflescope out of the water.

With the heat-treated one-piece tube, the scope has got a higher level of strength due to the absence of any joints on it. Other than just adding on to the overall strength of the tube, the design also prevents any moisture from getting intothe scope.

Speaking of protection from moisture, let’s have a closer look at how well it holds up

Waterproof and fog proof design

This is a widely ignored feature by most users but you never know when the odds will be against you and you are caught out in the rain or it’s a little humid, right?

So, to make this bad boy eligible for use at any time of the day, It comes with an argon purging. This inert gas, from its large sized molecules, will remove any moisture from the tube thus giving you a really good waterproofing as well as thermal stability.

If you’ll be in a shelter while taking your aims and the outside is a little cold, the fog proofing feature kicks in and allows you to take your shots without any trouble whatsoever.

Aircraft grade aluminum tube

In addition to being continuous in nature and also having one of the best moisture protections features one could ask for in a riflescope, it’s made of the 6061t6 aircraft-grade aluminum.

With the aluminum, you get to have one of the strongest riflescopes that are also designed to take a beating and more so, you won't have to worry about corrosion whatsoever. on the surface of the aluminum is a matte finish that’ll keep you camouflaged as well just in case you’ll be going out for a hunt.

To add on to the durability of the reticle is a shockproof design. The mechanical system is quite strong on both the erector and control system hence delivering recoil resistance to withstand as much as 1000G for 1000 times.

Includes an etched glass reticle

There is really no better way to perfect your aim. With the reticle etched on the glass, the aim will be consistent as you zoom in or zoom out to have a better view of your target. The etching of the reticle on the glass also gives great durability and also contributes to recoil resistance. The reticle is also illuminated to be easily visible at dusk and at dawn for the best performance.

The Optics

To complete the Athlon Argos 6-24x50 review is the amazing optical system. The scope comes with a magnification of 6-24x and you’ll get an objective lens diameter of 50mm to let in enough light for bright images.

The optics are also fully multi-coated to reduce reflected light and increase light transmission for brighter than normal images.

It also has got the first focal plane design that fully utilizes the reticle which shrinks or grows with your target as you adjust the zoom for quick target engagement at the lower power levels.


  • Fully multicoated for light transmission
  • A durable 6061 T6 aluminum design
  • Shockproof mechanical system
  • Argon purged to keep moisture out
  • An illuminated reticle for low light use
  • One-piece tube design for durability
  • Etched glass reticle for durability and recoil resistance
  • 10-yard parallax adjustment setting


  • It doesn’t come with paperwork
  • The turrets are very easy to turn


Q: Does it have rings

Q: What is the parallax setting?

Q: Does it come with flip-up lens covers?

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it all. We’re finally through with our Athlon Argos 6-24x50 review and it’s definitely a riflescope worth having. It’s equally as good a riflescope for both close range and long-range targets plus it come in a compact 30mm one-piece tube with a durable construction topped off with amazing optics

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